1 Day: NQF4 – 4 Credits

This workshop teaches powerful tools for assertiveness and allows individuals to discover techniques on how to be an assertive communicator. Delegates will acquire ways to grasp receiving and giving feedback, and also address business etiquette when professionalism and assertiveness are required. They will understand how social styles affect assertive behaviours and thus benefit by learning steps for conflict resolution. Overall it will enhance assertiveness skills for immediate on-the-job use!

Business Communication

1 Day: NQF3 – 8 Credits

In business, we all stand to benefit from more effective communication skills. We crave more fufilling interpersonal relationships and understanding of our customers. The inability to communicate effectively causes frustration, anger and resentment. This results in reduced productivity and efficiency in the workplace. During this interactive workshop, delegates will learn the skills and attitudes necessary to communicate effectively at work. Delegates will walk away with an understanding of their power to make healthy communication choices.

Business Ethics

2 Days: NQF5 – 5 Credits

Ethics needs to overlay the context and tone of an organisation from board level down. It needs to infuse how we do business. Strong ethical values-based leadership is critical and should play a pivotal role. We should act with integrity and courage to do what is right without causing undue damage. Few will dispute this but how, in practise, do we uphold these standards.

Change Management

2 Days: NQF5 – 10 Credits

The only certainty we have in life today in continuous change! Change affects us in both our private and professional capacity. If the change process is not effectively managed, the consequences can be devastating and organisations will be unsuccessful in implementing initiatives. This workshop provides participants with necessary key skills and techniques to enable them to effectively understand change and be better equipped to manage how change impacts them directly.

Coaching for Performance

2 Days: NQF5 – 8 Credits

This workshop gives participants a clear insight and understanding into the dynamics that happen between people when they work one-to-one. The temptation when coaching or mentoring someone is to provide the solution to their problem or difficulty. This programme helps you to find ways to hand the issues back to the person and encourage and empower them to find the solutions for themselves.

Customer Care

1 Day: NQF4 – 3 Credits

Do employees have a deep enough understanding of why it is critical to provide good service? Do they know how to leave the customer feeling good about your products, services and organisation? This workshop is designed to help individuals understand how effective they are at providing excellent service and will equip delegates with the skills they need to represent the company in a way that leaves the customer wanting to do business with you over and over again.

Dynamic Telephone Skills

1 Day: NQF2 – 3 Credits

Answering calls effectively and understanding the power of customer service means you can improve your business and give your clients a Great Customer Experience! This workshop is designed for people who use the telephone for their day-to-day interaction with customers, suppliers or work colleagues. Delegates will gain an understanding of powerful telephone techniques along with the key principles of customer service.

Front-line Reception

1 Day: NQF3 – 5 Credits

Customers calling your organisation should receive a positive and seamless service that is professional, efficient and responsive. As the entry point into a company, the receptionist plays a crucial role in the image that is to be displayed to incoming visitors and callers. It is imperative that the correct procedures are adhered to if a good and professional image is to be made and maintained. This workshop is for receptionists in a front line, customer facing role.

MBA for PA’s

1 Day: NQF4 – 10 Credits

PA’s and Secretaries are multi-tasking individuals who are expected to deliver peak-performance. DNA offers a two-day high impact workshop on professional skills and attitudes that will enable you to enhance your expertise in today’s competitive world. The workshop has not only been designed to develop skills and techniques, but also to provide valuable insight and awareness into your role as an individual, and as a professional in your organisation.


1 Day: NQF4 – 3 Credits

This workshop aims to give delegates a clear insight and understanding into the dynamics that happen between people when they work one-to-one. Mentors need to manage the guiding and supporting processes of mentees so as to ensure that coaching, learning and development is carried out effectively, in a standardised and credible manner.

Negotiating Skills

1 Day: NQF4 – 5 Credits

Negotiation is an invaluable skill for any manager. Not only do you negotiate agreements with vendors and contractors, but you must negotiate effectively with stakeholders, customers and employees. Teams are more collaborative and there is more time pressure. Negotiation involves a collection of behaviours including communication, sales, marketing, psychology, sociology, assertiveness and conflict resolution.

People Management

1 Day: NQF3 – 5 Credits

Today’s managers are working in a rapidly changing and increasingly complex environment, where it is vital that they have the up-to-date skills to secure success for themselves and the organisation in which they manage. In tackling key people and knowledge management issues, you will become competent in managing people, building constructive relationships and developing your ability to think and act strategically.

Professional Sales

2 Days: NQF5 – 5Credits

We are bombarded with sales message from the moment we rise … and we filter messages very well. As customers we are immune to clichés and we are wary of salesmen and stereotype reputations. This workshop provides you with a gold mine of power-packed information that allows you to look at your selling skills from a radically different viewpoint, understand why you lose sales and much more unusual but revolutionary information.

Strategic Time Management

2 Days: NQF5 – 4 Credits

Most of us feel stress and pressure. We make do with less, are on call 24/7 and have overflowing inboxes. We get bombarded with guides on how to manage our time more efficiently… how come we still feel frazzled and frustrated! This workshop has been designed for employees at all levels to achieve high performance through professional efffective and easy new methods. This is a practical and informative workshop that will make a difference to the way you manage your time and yourself.

Taming Conflict

2 Days: NQF5 – 8 Credits

The seeds of conflict are planted when disharmony is felt within any one of your team members and the more closely a team has to work together to deliver results, the greater the possibility of escalated conflict. Unresolved conflicts are one of the biggest threats to team performance and achieving company goals. Does this affect your bottom line? In this workshop, delegates will learn how to deal with conflict and its unproductive shock. When handled properly, conflict can result in richer, more effective and creative problem solving and interaction.

Telesales Tactics

1 Days: NQF5 – 5Credits

The telephone can be a really powerful sales and marketing tool – yet so many people fail to use it correctly. Learn about new techniques in telephone marketing. Improve salespeople by exposing them to new skills and performance improvement techniques. We ensure that they understand what makes people buy. This workshop has not only been designed to develop good selling skills and attitude, but to give each partcipant that extra edge.